3 Necessary Tips to Quit Smoking Fast

People do smoke, and neighbors as well. Some prefer not to do so and find it inconvenient when others smoke. In many countries, public smoking is banned, but what to do with neighbors. How to cope up with smoking neighbors?

How to Cope up With Smoking Neighbors?

Try to reason out with the neighbor in case he is Wholesale vapes indulging in excessive smoking. Try to explain to him or her the inconvenience caused to you
Make a request to reduce his or her smoking
Ask them to smoke near a window so that the smoke does not remain inside the building
If they are smoking pot you can lodge a complaint with the local authorities
If it is an apartment complex, you can complain to the manager of the complex. In subsidized apartments you may face this problem
One can approach the landlord concerned in case the neighbor lives in a rented building
Keep your apartment well ventilated, so that in case the smoke enters, it can go out
One can have the gap under the door fixed in order to prevent the smoke
You can explain you allergies to them
Keep a towel under the door
Make a request whether they can smoke in the porch rather than in the rooms
Get an electronic air purifier installed, which can remove the bad foul smoke of the cigarette
Purchase your own independent home, rather than live in an apartment complex with difficult neighbors
Smoking in one’s own apartment complex is legal. One has to try to win over the neighbors. Try to convince them that their smoking is causing inconvenience to you. You can also make your room smoke free so that you avoid a confrontation. Try a solution that suits you.