Horse Racing: How To Play The Pick 6 With A Few Pointers


It does not matter what your talent degree is. It does not matter what approach you us. If you use software or if you scratch on the application with a pencil, this piece of advice will immediately help you start losing LESS and begin winning MORE!

When you play every race your advantage (or downside) modifications with each race. You are splitting your gambling bankroll between races that you may have a high benefit in with races that you may have ZERO gain in. STOP!

Let’s anticipate as an instance that you have a playing budget Indian horse race live streaming of $100. On an average 15 race card that gives you $6.66 consistent with race. It’s my revel in that you will not often be able to get a bonus on greater than 2 or three races per card. That’s my common and I am VERY GOOD at what I do. So permit’s count on you have a near ZERO chance on 12 of those races (it may be even greater but I’ll be generous in this situation and assume you have an side in three races). So you have three races you have an surely gain in. These are races wherein you have a brilliant lead on a winner. And you furthermore may have brilliant prospects on a few secondary runners to be able to permit you to play the exacta or trifecta for an inexpensive price. Let’s compare a possible end result.

Estimated gain 25%. This is a fictional gain however I think it’s reasonable and we want some thing to work with.

12 races performed at $6.Sixty six in step with race with NO advantage method you lose $79.92

3 races performed at $6.66 totals $19.Ninety eight performed. With a 25% gain approach $four.99 earnings.

+ 4.99
$24.97 winnings + original wager

-seventy nine.92
-$fifty four.95 for a dropping day

Now let’s play MY way. Pick your BEST three races and play them. It would not rely in case you win 1,2 or all 3 races. You know which you have a 25% benefit on your exceptional races in case you ONLY play them

three races performed for a total of $a hundred.

25% advantage approach $25 earnings.

$a hundred twenty five for a winning day

As you could see… The maths does no longer lie. PLAY FEWER RACES!!! WIN MORE MONEY!!!