Why Islamic Shops Are So Popular Amongst Muslims

Recently, we had a few trolls join up for the discussion board with the intent to defame, declare takfir on us for sympathizing with kufar and disrupt the discussion board. Alhamdulillah, Allah has protected us from their sin.

In the procedure, one of the accusation levied against us become that we had been “modernist”. Somehow, being known as a “modernist” become a horrific thing.

We had been modernist as opposed to what? The contrary to “modern” is “primitive”. So “primitive” is better than “contemporary”? By this common sense we have to be dwelling HAMKA in a cave in preference to a residence.

What is “current”? It is relating to, or having the traits of the prevailing or most current length of improvement.

So, are we to consider that “primitive”, which is having the traits of the past, is higher than modern-day?

Look at the world we stay in. Instead of the usage of a stick we use a toothbrush. Instead of riding a camel, we use a vehicle. Instead of looking and gathering with stone tipped arrows and grass weaved baskets we visit the supermarket.

The hallmark of the Islamic religion is its pliability to the times. Islamic Law, consistent with the Quran and Sunnah of the Prophet (pbuh) allows for this adaptability in everything except one thing, the religious additives of our way of life. This reality is clear if one research the seerah of the Prophet (pbuh) over the path of his lifestyles and the lives of the sahabbah throughout the first a hundred years of the Islamic Empire, which is the rough timeframe wherein our scholars extrapilate plenty of the rulings of Shariah. Many extra rulings of shariah are directed on the changing times and often do no longer even have a basis in Quran or Sunnah due to the fact the conditions nowa days have modified and have no longer been experienced by way of the Prophet (pbuh) or the sahabbah.

For example, in modern times, we are facing troubles of the harvesting of human stem cells from new born toddlers to correct sicknesses that could exist later in the childs lifestyles. Is this ideal in Islam? Well, the Prophet (pbuh) and the Sahabbah did not experience technological know-how in this scale and such matters have been exceptional of their time. Thus, our pupils workout a morally applicable shariah on the topic. They can draw off of what we do recognize of Quran and Sunnah that is absolutely unrelated to the topic along with consultation of present day scientists who’re professional within the field and use it on make a ruling.

Islam isn’t a primitive faith, neither is it intended to be. Islam is forever.

People who call us modernists due to the fact we stand for development in society according to Islamic values are missing the cause of Islam. Islam isn’t always a faith. It is an entire way of lifestyles that includes spiritual doctrine. It regulates tons more than religion. Religion is perhaps 10% of Islam. The remaining 90% is Economy, Science, Governance, Military, Diplomacy and plenty of many different things.

These “primitive” Muslims make the ten% appear to be 90%. It is these types that desire to rule a country with out knowing a way to build roads, faculties, colleges, using international relations to avoid conflict, establishing justice systems for anyone (muslim and no longer), bringing monetary prosperity and lots of other critical components of our lives.

I actually have seen those “primitive” Muslims tout the Taliban as the version Islamic government. Yet, if you look carefully, there is a VAST difference between such a rogue group and an Islamic State because the Prophet (pbuh) established and the Sahabbah built upon. So good sized, it’s miles simply unrecognizable if it wasn’t for the human beings gazing the 10% in their religion; ie the non secular factors of Islam.

Following Islam is not simply in the ritual 10% or maybe within the spiritual factors of those rituals.

To build upon this argument, even before the appearance of our whole non secular machine (the 10%) the Prophet (pbuh) set up Islam as a gadget of Justice. It was this gadget of Justice that gained the hearts of many local Arab tribes that once hostile Muslims bitterly.

I propose that there may be no such element as “present day” or “modernization” of Islam. There is either “progress” or “no development”. If we fail to establish all components of Islamic society and government to encompass the spiritual components then there may be no development. These “primitive” muslims advocate that we establish the 10% while neglecting the ultimate. They recommend that we do it with the aid of violent pressure if essential. However, in the event that they dont have already got the requirements of society mounted (the 90%) then all they advise is spiritual oppression through use of violence.

On the alternative hand, if the necessities of society are already gift, then there may be no want for violent pressure. There will already be the means via which to affect change in society thru non violent manner. Even then, the “primitives” will lack endurance with the already established systems and wish to vilently overthrow it as they have got attempted in lots of Muslim populated states.